Cuatro, Mandolin, and Shak Shak

Cuatro, Mandolin, and Shak Shak

Community Parang

Our Community Parang Workshops are designed to help you develop your musical skills while taking part in a time-honored tradition.

Parang—also known as parranda in Spanish—is a music and performance tradition mostly associated with the Christmas season in Trinidad. Traditionally, musicians would travel to the homes of family, friends, and strangers to surprise them with a musical serenade. Accompanied by instruments such as the cuatro, shak shak (maracas), and box bass, musicians would sing Spanish-language songs that told the Christmas story. In modern times, musicians continue singing songs in Spanish, but have added to their repertoire English-language songs, some of which are fused with soca, chutney, and other popular music.

Come learn about the history of parang while participating in a festive holiday tradition. At the end of the workshop series you will be invited to join Danielle Brown in a holiday performance at CaribBEING House.


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