Caribbean Music Pedagogy Workshop: Overview

This is a week-long professional development course for music educators who aim to teach topics in Caribbean music using a Caribbean (as opposed to Euro-American) framework. This introductory course will expose educators to Caribbean history and culture broadly speaking, as well as important musical concepts in the study of Caribbean music. Resources for teaching (i.e. music, readings, and classroom exercises) will be made available, as well as suggestions for curriculum development and how to meet national standards. Lessons will center on three topics: (1) Concepts in Vocal and Rhythmic Pedagogy in the Caribbean; (2) Caribbean Music History; (3) Strategies & Resources for Teaching Caribbean Music in the Diaspora. Over the five days of instruction, participants will explore (and rethink) musical concepts common throughout the region, gain an understanding and appreciation for the interconnectedness of the Caribbean region as a whole, and explore music in select countries including Trinidad and Tobago and Cuba. A Certificate of Completion will be presented after the participant's successful completion of the course.

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Why this Course?

A consistent problem in the study of non-Western music is the inability of educators to teach musics that are not from their cultural heritage in a manner that is consistent with the values, ethos, and stylistic approaches of that culture. Many educators teach such cultures largely from a Western perspective, without really understanding themselves the culture whose music they are teaching. These series of workshops are designed to provide educators with the knowledge and tools to teach Caribbean music in a manner that is better aligned with Caribbean ways of knowing and being. All classes include Caribbean history as well as pedagogical methods for teaching Caribbean music in the diaspora. Topics are explored from throughout the Caribbean and circum-Caribbean. Ethnomusicologist and Kodály certified music educator Dr. Danielle Brown teaches the course; where appropriate master artists are invited to add knowledge and depth to the subject matter. 


Who Should Take This course?

This course is primarily designed for music educators broadly speaking (e.g. K-12, college, private) as well as music students. 

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Locations, Dates, and Times
Classes will meet from 10am–1pm daily for a total of 15 contact hours. Please note that the workshops are being held independently of the host sites listed below. If you have any questions regarding these workshops or any services offered by My People Tell Stories, LLC, please email Danielle Brown at Note: Registration for 2017 summer workshops is now closed.  

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Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page to sign up for a workshop. Registration is not complete until all tuition and fees are paid in full. To register and pay all tuition and fees click here. See below for payment deadlines. Note: Registration for 2017 summer workshops is now closed.


Tuition and Fees
Tuition is $300. A $50 registration fee is included in the course tuition. 


Registration Deadline
Registration for 2017 summer workshops is now closed. 


Refund Policy
All tuition and fees will be refunded in the event that the course is canceled by the administrator for any reason. A 100% refund will be provided if registration is canceled by 11:59pm on the final day of registration. Registrations canceled after this date will not be entitled to a refund. 


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