Danielle Brown, Ph.D., Founder, Musician, and Storyteller

Danielle Brown, Ph.D., Founder, Musician, and Storyteller


My People Tell Stories, LLC (MPTS) was founded on the premise that people of color in particular, and marginalized people in general, need to tell and interpret their own stories. MPTS was conceived over several years and addresses the need for better representation of people of color, particularly in the field of music. MPTS provides educational, cultural, and performance-based services that center on the people of the African diaspora with a specific focus on the Caribbean region.

I started MPTS because as an ethnomusicologist working in academia for more than a decade, I became concerned with the lack of diversity in music studies broadly speaking—including performance, research and education. Even in ethnomusicology, where people of color are more often than not the subjects of study, their lack or representation within the field is problematic and representative of the insidiousness of present-day systemic racism. MPTS represents my humble attempt to promote and validate knowledge of people of color by people of color and subsequently create an education system that is more diverse and equitable. It is also my hope that MPTS will make academic research in music more accessible, and more interesting, to the general public.



Danielle Brown received her Ph.D. in Music from New York University with a concentration in ethnomusicology and a specialization in the music of Latin America and the Caribbean. Her research has focused mostly on parang/parranda music in Trinidad and, more recently, the intersection of music, spirituality, and healing. Dr. Brown has conducted work in the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe. Before starting MPTS, Dr. Brown served for two years as an Assistant Professor of Music History and Cultures at Syracuse University. She has also taught classes in music theory and music history at New York University and at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY. In addition, she has worked with elementary, middle, and high school students, and is certified in the Kodály method of music education. Dr. Brown is a vocalist and cuatro player, and she composes and performs jazz and Latin American and Caribbean-based music. She is a 2018 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow—Folk/Traditional Arts. For more information on Dr. Brown's academic and professional work experience, click here.